Our main goal at Charlestown is to provide value to our partners.  Often, we help to create value by taking an active role in our partners, through debt or equity investments, through board of director membership.  Members of our team sit on the boards of a number of companies and have extensive experience in helping to manage companies throughout their life cycles.   










We look to be a valuable resource for our partners, helping them to maximize the returns they provide to their shareholders.  Charlestown’s professionals bring a broad range of experience in financial transactions that can help management teams minimize financing costs and maximize returns.  We pride ourselves on the creativity we bring to some of partners’ most important strategic and financial objectives. 










Charlestown has a particular focus on M&A.  We believe that well executed M&A transactions can create significant value for the companies involved.  Our team has managed numerous M&A transactions – from the very small to the fairly large (EV greater than $500 million).   Our backgrounds in merger arbitrage, law, and finance give our team significant insight into the elements of successful M&A.